Creating a Plan

Getting a plan in order before a health crisis happens is a tremendous gift for you and your family. Through advance care planning, you can make your voice heard, record your medical treatment choices and prepare your loved ones, doctors and others who care for you to honor your wishes.

Our professional staff provides individual and family consultations, additionally we offer counseling for those making decisions about a chronic or life-limiting illness. They guide you and your loved ones in decision making, selecting an appropriate healthcare surrogate and creating a living will that adequately reflects your goals for care.

Advance care planning is not a “one size fits all” process. It can be challenging and unfamiliar and at times even scary. We offer a team of certified facilitators that will guide you and your loved ones through these important decisions. Our consultations are conducted in a relaxed, quiet setting, are reasonably priced and unique to each individual and family.

Our Facilitators will help you:

  • Understand your health care options
  • Learn about the benefits and burdens of life-sustaining treatments
  • Reflect on your goals, values and beliefs
  • Understand the qualities of a good healthcare surrogate
  • Complete your living will
  • Establish a plan to communicate your wishes to others
  • Get answers to your questions

Loved Ones Consultation Service and Family Reunion Program

Most people would agree that when the time comes, they want a “good death.” Your loved ones can find themselves in the tough role of trying to decide what that would mean to you, if you have not already told them. We help you and your loved ones come to a shared understanding of the medical preferences documented in your living will.

One of the most common challenges families face is how to come together and make medical decisions when a family member is sick or dying. This is a two-hour interactive workshop that uses fun and engaging techniques. We help enhance the understanding and communication between extended family members before an unanticipated medical crisis occurs.

Families learn to:

  • Understand how their family functions as caregivers
  • Identify fears and worries about illness and death
  • Develop strategies to join together when a family member is struggling with illness
  • Improve communication skills
  • Make the entire family stronger

To schedule a private consultation and/or a request a fee schedule, please contact us at (727) 467-7423.