Organizational Support Volunteers

There are many ways you can make a difference in the lives of others. We’re sure that no matter which area you choose, you’ll enjoy being a part of the Empath Health family of volunteers.

Training Requirements

The following training is required for all volunteer opportunities listed below. Additional training for special roles are listed under each opportunity.

Volunteer Orientation (4-Hours)

This training will provide you with an overview of Empath Health and its integrated network of care, including Suncoast Hospice. At the end of the training session you’ll choose the role that best fits your goals as a volunteer.

Office Assistance
Provide office and computer support. Scan documents, greet guests in the welcome centers, answer phones and input data. Strong computer skills a plus, but not required. Locations in Palm Harbor, Clearwater and St. Petersburg
Special Events
Assist in making fundraising and friendraising events successful. Welcome guests, sell drawing tickets and solicit auction items or sponsorships. Visit the Suncoast Hospice Foundation website for more information on upcoming events.
Resale Shops
Support the Resale Shops’ operations. Assist as a cashier, sort or price merchandise, create displays or test small equipment.

  • Training: Additional (1-2) hour Resale Shop Training after completion of Volunteer Orientation.
  • Locations: Countryside, Clearwater and St. Petersburg
Corporate Volunteer Program
Empath Health partners with corporations and local businesses that encourage volunteerism within their workplaces and are interested in supporting our mission. Projects vary according to a group’s size, location preference, employee skills and interests, the time of year, as well as the needs of the Empath Health members.

Training: Not required for one-time only volunteer projects.

EPIC (Empath Partners in Care)
Assist in the offices or Day Center (Tampa only) or with the food and personal needs pantries, special events, HIV testing and community outreach.

Locations: Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa

Suncoast PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly)
Greet and sign in, socialize or help lead activities (sewing, knitting, art, music, games, discussion, writing, etc.) with participants at the Suncoast PACE Day Center. Assist behind-the-scenes with administrative support or telephone support.

  • Day Center is open Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – 4:30 pm. Greatest volunteer needs are between 10 am – 3:00 pm)
  • Location: Pinellas Park
  • Training: Additional two-hour PACE Orientation after Volunteer Orientation
Empath Café Assistant
Provide cashier assistance and customer service for the café at Clearwater Community Service Center.
Maintenance/Durable Medical Equipment Volunteer
Assist maintenance and/or DME technicians with functions.  Perform pressure washing, painting, carpet cleaning, meeting room set-up, and light maintenance or carpentry tasks.