Goals of Care

Knowing your goals of care allows your surrogate and medical team to understand your values and the outcomes that would best suit you.  It is impossible to know what specific treatments might be of benefit to you in the future, or even to know what new treatments might be available.

Consider the following questions based on the idea that you are too sick to speak for yourself, and your healthcare providers believe you will not recover the ability to know who you are or who you are with.

Priorities: What is most important to you?

  • How you want to spend your time
  • Where you want to be
  • Who or what you want around you

Your needs: How to care for your physical, emotional, spiritual needs?

  • Discussion of needs instead of treatment
  • May include your loved ones and your surrogate
  • What do you know about any illness that you may have at this time and how it might affect you in the future?

Acceptable or Unacceptable: Are there outcomes that you would find unbearable?

  • What are your fears or worries about serious illness or death?
  • Do you think there are situations that are “worse than death?”

Quality of Life: What makes you happy?

  • How would you want to be treated if you could not care for yourself?
  • What would make you happy even if you could not know who you are?
  • Describe a good day in this situation

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