Be Kind To Yourself

So often what cripples us is not our external circumstances, but the sharp and unforgiving voice of our own internal critic. Through our negative self-talk, we treat ourselves in ways that we would never dream of treating even our worst enemy much less a friend....

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Pediatric Patient Becomes Aspiring Artist

Aspiring artist Maia already has more talent in one finger than many can say they have in their whole body. Like any 11-year-old might be found, she is propped up in bed, a computer screen in front of her. Tonight she is preparing for her weekly art lesson, navigating...

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The Checklist

There are so many important things to do today. What is infinitely more important than the checklist, however, is who we are in the midst of our doing. Do we feel grounded, clear-headed, connected to and living out from our deepest values? Or do we feel pressed,...

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Making an Impact on Care – Denise McCoy

Congratulations to our January Impact award winner, Denise McCoy, a respiratory therapist with Suncoast Hospice, a member of Empath Health. McCoy joined the organization in 2016 and cares for patients with respiratory conditions in our Care Centers and in patients...

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Providing Connections for Veterans

Connections. It’s the underlying theme in how Empath Health honors and serves veterans across the community. New this year, the Veterans Coffee Connection is an opportunity for veterans of all ages and eras to come together to share stories, foster community growth...

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Healing What Hurts

Richard Groves, the author of the American Book of Living and Dying and the leader of the Sacred Art of Living Center for Spiritual Formation, identifies forgiveness as one of the four primary areas of spiritual pain that we experience in our lives. The pain related...

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Committed to Our LGBT Community

At Empath Health we recognize the diversity of our community and are committed to providing compassionate care with respect and sensitivity. Ensuring our staff has the cultural competence to interact with patients, their families and caregivers is an integral part of...

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Having Enough – A State of Being

Have you ever felt that  if only you had this one particular possession, or achieved this one particular goal, or had a particular amount of money in your retirement account, that then it would be “enough?” Author and philanthropist, Lynne Twist has this to say to us...

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Making an Impact on Care – Tony Tace

Congratulations to our December Impact award winner, Tony Tace, a maintenance technician. Tace joined the organization in 2015 and has spent the last three and a half years providing service to the Suncoast Hospice Care Center Mid-Pinellas. He responds to any...

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Empath Health Upcoming Events

8:45 am Postponed – Restorative Support ... @ Suncoast Hospice | Empath Health Service Center
Postponed – Restorative Support ... @ Suncoast Hospice | Empath Health Service Center
Apr 3 @ 8:45 am – 4:15 pm
Postponed - Restorative Support after Traumatic Death: Building a Coordinated Community Response Conference @ Suncoast Hospice | Empath Health Service Center | Clearwater | Florida | United States
In light of the information related to the evolving COVID-19 situation, and concerns for the safety of our community and national presenters, the planning committee has made the difficulty decision to postpone the April 2 and 3, 2020 Restorative Support … Continue reading
9:00 am Postponed – Veterans History Pro... @ Veterans Funeral Care
Postponed – Veterans History Pro... @ Veterans Funeral Care
Apr 10 @ 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Postponed - Veterans History Project Story Day @ Veterans Funeral Care | Clearwater | Florida | United States
A new date will be announced once finalized.
9:00 am Resale Shops April Super Saturda... @ Suncoast Hospice Resale Shops
Resale Shops April Super Saturda... @ Suncoast Hospice Resale Shops
Apr 25 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Visit our website or our Facebook page for our March Sales Calendar and to view our Super Saturday Sale on April 25.