The people we love touch our hearts and souls, and when they die that loss and grief shakes us, changes us. We can carry on our love, celebrate their lives and lift up each other as a community.

Our Suncoast PACE participants recently gathered together at the program’s day center to remember and honor deceased loved ones and fellow participants. The PACE team and Empath Health staff attended and participated.

The service highlighted the common threads of love, hope and gratitude we share and grow. Beautiful music was played and bells were tolled, stories shared, photos displayed and written memories planted in remembrance.

Suncoast PACE Executive Director Jennifer Kaminsky shared, “Today you’ll have the opportunity to help our pot grow with the memories of your loved ones.”

Weaving in an inspirational reflection was Joe Creegan, husband of Suncoast PACE Day Center Manager Carla Creegan. “Death may be our most common thread and our deepest meaning. So as we remember those we lost, let’s continue to honor them today by offering the love they gave to us, for no other love is as eternal,” he said.


A mother, a cousin and a sister-in-law were some of the beloved family members dearly remembered. They are gone but not forgotten.

Join the Community

All are invited to come together at our next Community Memorial Service on March 30 at 6 p.m. at Sylvan Abbey Methodist Church in Clearwater. Free, all faiths welcome and no registration needed. For more information, call us at (727) 467-7423.