COVID-19 has left so many seniors dealing with loss. Loss of friends or family members and the traditional ways we say goodbyes. Loss of time, the ability to spend time with the people we care about or on activities that bring joy. Along with the loss, there has been great anxiety. Anxiety about the ability to stay safe and well, anxiety about when vaccinations might be received and anxiety about when life might return to a more normal state. 

Empath Health Community Counseling is offering Pinellas County seniors 55+ the opportunity to address their losses and anxieties by talking to one of our licensed and trained counselors. Some may be hesitant to seek support from others, especially those who are accustomed to caring for others such as healthcare workers. Support can be a key to healing, coping and finding hope to move forward.

To learn more call (727) 523-3451 or submit your information below.

This opportunity has been made possible through a grant from the Pinellas County Community Foundation Senior Citizen Services.  

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