Your Experts In Life-Changing Care

As a nonprofit, integrated network of care, Empath Health supports anyone facing chronic or advanced illness. We help patients live as comfortably and meaningfully as possible and offer assistance to their families and caregivers along the way. No matter where someone is on their journey, our spectrum of medical and emotional support services provides compassionate care for each and every patient.


Through every step of every journey, we offer compassion through extraordinary care, hope through innovative services, and inspiration through endless encouragement.


To be the leader in life-changing health care.


Suncoast Hospice was established in 1977 by a group of volunteers who realized the value of hospice care and wanted to bring it to their community. In order to better reflect our range of services for addressing the growing and changing needs of those facing a chronic or advanced illness, our integrated network of care is now known as Empath Health. We will continue to bring medical expertise as well as emotional and spiritual support to those we serve.


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