Empath Health Blog, Jim Andrews

Suncoast Hospice Director of Spiritual Care Jim Andrews

I was taking a walk in a deserted nature preserve not too long ago and came upon a really big tortoise. When I got close, the tortoise just disappeared into the shell. That image came to mind recently as I was reflecting on how sometimes all that’s going on gets to be a little too much. The news coming at us through our various news feeds, the worries and concerns that rumble around in our minds, even the advice and guidance on helping us cope in difficult times can put us into overload. When you get to that point where the noise in your head is just too loud (or preferably before) there is something very simple we can do.

Be. Still. Like a tortoise drawing in its limbs, pull inward for a minute. Stop moving. Stop thinking. Disconnect. Be still. If your mind is still racing, it may help to focus on slowly and silently repeating the word “peace”. Sometimes, just taking a minute to be still can eliminate those feelings of system overload and give us the perspective we need to re-engage our day.

So, when you feel yourself approaching system overload – look to the tortoise!

Have a great week, everyone!