In Part 2 of National Volunteer Week, learn about two more of our 2019 Volunteer of the Year Award winners and their extraordinary service.

Volunteer Carol Hallstein

Carol Hallstein – Organizational Support Volunteer Award
Bereavement and Health Information Management

Hallstein has volunteered with Empath Health for more than 12 years. She provides administrative support and has stepped into different roles as new needs have been identified, at times changing volunteer sites and working with new staff. When there was a need for preparing bereavement letters for mailing, Hallstein took on that role and excelled in it. She faithfully volunteers each Friday to assure the work is done. Her great attention to detail has proven priceless over the years. Hallstein is self-motivated and holds herself and those around her to a high standard. As a bereavement survivor herself, Hallstein has empathy and compassion for our bereaved clients. She has a mature and healthy attitude toward grief and loss, and her desire to bring comfort to others comes through in her dedication to our mission.

“My husband had hospice come in, and after he passed I did bereavement counseling. I wanted to volunteer at hospice. It was a good fit. I’ve always felt that when I come here on Fridays, I’m coming home. It’s a wonderful organization that helps many people. I’m a true believer that they help let us pass on to our heavenly home with dignity and grace; that’s what they did for my husband,” Hallstein shared.

Teen Volunteer Zach Martin

Zachary “Zach” Martin – Outstanding Young Leader Award                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Patient and Family Support and Office/Purchasing

Martin began volunteering with Empath Health in his freshman year of high school. He first volunteered every week with the information technology (IT) department, then started in the purchasing department and then took on a pediatric patient assignment to provide companionship to a young boy. Martin has also attended patients’ parties and a Lifetime Legacies videotaping for a patient. Because of his ongoing dedication to volunteering, he was invited to be part of our Mid-County Teen Leadership Board. His longevity serving in purchasing and participation in the Lights of Lake Park (LOLP) community fundraiser have made a significant impact. The LOLP organizer has come to see Martin as one of his “go-to” volunteers who can train new volunteers. Martin’s enthusiasm for his volunteer work inspired his two younger sisters to join our teen volunteer program. His helpful and respectful demeanor makes a positive impression on our staff and community, while his sincerity and authenticity speak to his fellow teen volunteers and students.

“When I started volunteering at hospice my grandfather was in hospice care. I started volunteering with hospice because I wanted to get involved with my community. It’s really enjoyable to volunteer here. I like their values and everyone has a smiling face. Hearing the patients’ stories and being involved in the organization has helped shape my view of what hospice does for the community. It’s not just end of life, and it’s important for the families. Whether it’s a birthday party or just a little piece of the day with patients, I feel grateful to be a part of that,” Martin shared.

Stay tuned for Part 3 National Volunteer Month highlighting our remaining award winners.

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