Empath Health President & CEO Jonathan Fleece and Tarrah Lowry, Interim President of Trustbridge and Chief Operating Officer of Empath Health

We are thrilled to unveil a landmark development in Florida’s healthcare landscape—the affiliation of Empath Health and Trustbridge, including their esteemed affiliates Hospice of Palm Beach County and Hospice by the Sea. This momentous partnership signifies a bold leap forward in our shared mission to provide holistic, compassionate care to individuals and families throughout the state.

Central to this collaboration is our unwavering commitment to delivering person-centered care that upholds the dignity and richness of life. With the coming together of Empath and Trustbridge, we now stand as the largest not-for-profit post-acute care organization in Florida, serving communities from Ocala to Palm Beach to Naples. This expanded reach allows us to touch the lives of one in every five Floridians receiving hospice services, ensuring comprehensive support for patients and their loved ones.

Late last week, Trustbridge’s longtime CEO, Dave Fielding, announced his retirement. After decades of dedicated service and visionary leadership, Dave has chosen to pass on the torch to Jonathan Fleece, President and CEO of Empath Health. We extend our deepest gratitude to Dave Fielding for his enduring commitment, innovative spirit, and profound impact on advancing compassionate care in our region. His legacy will continue to inspire and guide us as we embark on this transformative journey together. With Dave’s departure, Tarrah Lowry will serve as the Interim President of Trustbridge as the two organizations complete their full integration.

Under the stewardship of Jonathan Fleece, who now leads both Empath Health and Trustbridge, we are poised to embrace new horizons and elevate our commitment to excellence. With a focus on innovation, collaboration, and empathy, we are confident that Empath Health will continue to thrive, delivering unparalleled care that addresses the holistic needs of our patients.

We’re pleased to share that two remarkable Trustbridge leaders have accepted positions within Empath’s CTeam. Tarrah Lowry will serve as our Chief Operating Officer in addition to her transitional role as Interim President of Trustbridge. Tarrah brings a wealth of experience and leadership to this new role and will drive operational excellence and strategic initiatives across our growing organization. Furthermore, Bivek Pathak will serve as Empath’s Chief Information and Digital Strategy Officer, leading our efforts in leveraging technology and digital innovation to enhance patient care and optimize our operations.

As we celebrate this pivotal moment, we reaffirm our pledge to provide full life care with unwavering compassion. Together, Empath Health and Trustbridge are pioneering a new era of healthcare—one that is rooted in empathy, respect, and a steadfast dedication to enhancing quality of life for all.

Join us in welcoming this extraordinary chapter in compassionate care, as Empath Health and Trustbridge unite to create a brighter, healthier future for our communities.