Tidewell Hospice CNA Charlie Pierre

Welcome to Extraordinary Stories of Empath Health. In this space we highlight our fantastic colleagues and the extraordinary work they do to make Empath Health’s Full Life Care a daily reality for the patients and families we serve. Join us as we demonstrate the ways in which our colleagues exemplify Empath’s core values: Eternally Hopeful, Profoundly Helpful, Lovingly Truthful, Confidently Skillful and Courageously Impactful.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Charlie Pierre saved Super Sunday for Tidewell Hospice and, most importantly, for a patient and family member in need.

The patient, who lived in a long-term care facility, was in the final stages of the dying process. His daughter was with him, but she struggled to cope with her grief. The facility sought extra aid from Tidewell to care for the patient and support his daughter.

Although Tidewell nurses and social workers visited and called throughout the day, the facility staff anticipated needing additional help overnight.

The Tidewell after-hours team got to work, but they had no luck finding someone available during the Super Bowl. Nearly out of options, Ann Welischar, Tidewell’s Clinical Director – Triage, texted Pierre, who was enjoying dinner with her children.

The reply? “What are the hours you need?” Pierre later said her children gave her a look that said, “We know, Mom, you gotta go.”

Pierre committed to supporting the family overnight, as long as she could leave at 7:30 am to take her kids to school.

During her shift, Pierre tended to the needs of the patient and daughter and kept Tidewell’s after-hours staff updated. The patient died comfortably and peacefully with his daughter sleeping at the bedside, just before Pierre was set to leave in the morning.

To say she was Profoundly Helpful is an understatement.

“I am so happy I was able to help,” Pierre said. “I love what I do and when I can I jump in full service. Patient care is my specialty and I do it with a smile because I want someone with a smile taking care of me.”

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