Empath Health Blog, Jim Andrews

Suncoast Hospice Director of Spiritual Care Jim Andrews

If you look at our Empath Health Core Values, the one that tops the list is Eternally Hopeful. There are good reasons that this core value has such a prominent place in our list. It can be difficult to be hopeful when you are facing a chronic or life-limiting illness. It’s hard to stay hopeful when change needs to happen NOW, but in spite of your best efforts, it is delayed. It’s not easy to keep those embers of hope burning when there are so many sad things happening in our world.

But that is why hope is so important. It doesn’t give up and it doesn’t give in. In the midst of our most pressing challenges, hope maintains a firm grasp on the vision of the way things could be, which inspires us while we are dealing with the way things are.

Author Maria Popova writes, “There is nothing more difficult yet more gratifying in our society than living with sincere, active, constructive hope for the human spirit.” When I interact with people across this organization and see the dedication, compassion, and determination that is displayed every day I feel no reservations about betting on the human spirit.

May that flame of hope burn bright within us, lighting our way to the tomorrow we seek.

Have a great week, everyone!