Our Foundations:

How We Support Our Mission

Every dollar – every penny – helps bring comfort, peace and quality of life to someone in our care. As a nonprofit organization, all of our funds go back into our community, including the ones you donate.

Hospice of Marion Foundation

Hospice of Marion County Foundation supports the patients and families of HMC regardless of their ability to pay. It also funds programs and services that take care above and beyond basic hospice care.

(352) 291-5143

Suncoast Hospice Foundation

Suncoast Hospice Foundation supports the patients, clients, participants and family members of Empath Health and its entire nonprofit network of integrated care. Empath Health cares for anyone facing chronic or advanced illness or who is grieving the loss of a loved one. We help patients live as comfortably and meaningfully as possible and offer assistance to their families and caregivers along the way.

(727) 523-2441

Tidewell Foundation

The Tidewell Foundation provides philanthropic support to Tidewell Hospice and affiliate companies. Charitable contributions to the Tidewell Foundation sustain and grow the critically important programs and services provided through the not-for-profit mission of Tidewell Hospice.

(941) 552-7546