Empath Health Blog, Jim Andrews

Suncoast Hospice Director of Spiritual Care Jim Andrews

This quote from the Community Programs Coordinator with Gratefulness.org came in my email last week and I was mesmerized by it. She wrote, “Listening with the intent to hear through the ears of another creates the pathway to remembering the truth of our shared being as a part of the web of life.” What a beautiful and poetic description of what we strive to do every day with those we serve and those we serve with. When we hear through the ears of another, see with the eyes of another, feel with the heart of another; we experience that deep recognition that we are all connected and that we all share common hopes and needs. It is the basis of real understanding and enables us to truly meet people at their point of need.

Like a musician laboring in a practice room to master their instrument or an artist tirelessly mixing and remixing their paints to find that perfect hue; may we dedicate ourselves to cultivating and honing our empathy. That is our art form. After all, we are Empath Health!

Have a great week, everyone!