David Cutler on the boardwalk

Congratulations to our June Impact award winner, David Cutler, maintenance technician at the Suncoast Hospice North Pinellas Care Center.

Cutler has been with the organization for eight years since joining in 2012. In his role as a skilled maintenance and repair technician, he works to maintain and improve the Care Center campus.

“The people here are the best part of the job. It doesn’t matter if they are patients, family members or staff, they make it all worthwhile,” says Cutler. “That is what keeps me coming back every day.”

The monthly Impact Award recognizes and celebrates staff for their positive impact on others, demonstration of our values and above-and-beyond service.

Here is an excerpt from Cutler’s nomination:

“David Cutler took on the task of remodeling the boardwalk that runs behind the North Pinellas Care Center. The task consisted of removing the old pressure treated lumber and replaced it with composite lumber that will last forever.

David started by initiating a grant request to Empath’s Foundation, and fortunately the Foundation was able to secure enough money to accomplish the massive goal. With that David started his journey. After a year of focus, his hard work and determination has now paid off for the community we serve. On the 840-foot boardwalk, David installed all new hand rails, side boards and deck boards. He has installed more than 18,450 linear feet (3.5 miles) of composite boards which includes over 2000 deck boards and more than 30,000 screws. He also installed new benches throughout the entire boardwalk and rebuilt the chime tower area. He has logged more than 1,600 man hours on this huge undertaking.

He didn’t stop there. He also custom built 11 new benches for the outside sanctuary. The benches were so well done that he has now been asked to create sanctuary benches for the Mid-Pinellas Care Center as well.

David’s drive and commitment comes from seeing many patients and families over the years who use the boardwalk as a peaceful respite from the intensity of their situations inside the Care Center. The boardwalk affords patients and families the ability to take a much needed break to gather their thoughts and emotions and enjoy the serenity of nature. David views the boardwalk as a memorial to all who have passed here and evidenced a grateful voice as he respectfully removed and replaced more than 280 personal memorial plaques onto the new boards.

David is a valued member of the North Pinellas Care Center team. He demonstrates a grateful voice to our volunteers every day. He doesn’t pass a volunteer in the halls, welcome desk, or outside that he doesn’t acknowledge and ask how they’re doing. He’s quick to share a smile and let them know they are appreciated. David has been instrumental in spearheading several volunteer groups throughout the past year that assisted with the Care Center boardwalk.

I have spoken to David about his commitment to this project and his motivation has always been to preserve the boardwalk for many generations to come. His craftsmanship is flawless; he is a valued member of the Maintenance Team. In the spirit of David’s pioneering heart, he suggests the boardwalk be called “Serenity Trail.”

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