Congratulations to our October Impact Award winner, JillAnne Fowler, teen volunteer coordinator serving central Pinellas County.

Fowler joined Empath Health in 2007 and has helped shaped the lives of close to 1,500 teens in our community over her 12.5 years.

She said she enjoys how she is able to interact with almost every team and department at the agency as well as the collaboration with so many different colleagues. In addition, she said, “I also have the opportunity to work with and mentor some amazing students! They are very inspiring and the service they provide to our agency is invaluable. It has been a privilege to represent our agency at many events in our local community and in the wider community (conferences, webinars, etc.). The work we do is the most meaningful I have ever done, and I am very glad to contribute my talents and skills to Empath Health.”

The monthly Impact Award recognizes and celebrates staff for their positive impact on others, demonstration of our values and above-and-beyond service.

Here are words about Fowler from her nomination:

“Jill consistently goes above and beyond by supporting the agency with teen volunteers and also as a volunteer herself.” 

“Jill helps build strong bonds between others. She truly values diversity and has a true understanding of cultural competence.  She will stand up for those that are unable to truly speak up for themselves. With her leadership abilities, she helps mold the youth to understand what cultural competence is thus building a life for a better future for all. She not only trains but she acts as a true role model thus making a bigger impact on those around her. When you live your life in truth, compassion and love it carries an impact on other’s lives that you may not even realize. She is true, loving, intelligent, empathetic and humble as well.“

“Jill’s helping spirit is indomitable! As the teen for central Pinellas, she works with every department to provide service utilizing the teen volunteers. These teens volunteer, in purchasing, the Copy Center, at the Welcome Desk, with the pediatric programs, Community Counseling, hospice care teams, PACE, bereavement; are almost everywhere. What Jill has the teens involved in helps improve the quality of life of our patients, participants, survivors, the community at large and our staff members. Jill does not stop there though, she is a volunteer herself. In addition, she mentors new staff, works with the teen volunteer coordinators to create dynamic, ongoing education, has been a member of Empath Health’s President’s Council and raised funds for our sister hospice in South Africa. 

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