Rodriquis Stewart, professional liaison for Empath Health

Congratulations to our January Impact Award winner, Rodriquis Stewart, professional liaison for Empath Health.

Stewart joined the organization in April of 2019. In his role, he connects with patients and families to provide education about Empath Health and Suncoast Hospice services so they can make an informed decision about their care.

“Not only am I opening up discussions about what Empath Health has to offer, but I’m letting the patient, caregiver and family know they are not alone and we are here to support them,” says Stewart.

The monthly Impact Award recognizes and celebrates staff for their positive impact on others, demonstration of our values and above-and-beyond service.

Here is an excerpt from Stewart’s nomination:

 Rodriquis embodies all the values of Empath Health in his role as a professional liaison. I have received positive feedback from people that Rodriquis interacts with, whether it is a frightened patient that is trying to decide if the time is right for our services or bringing his positive energy to his colleagues. He understands the importance of his role and the importance of helping families understand who we are as Suncoast Hospice/Empath Health and how we can impact their quality of life.

 A few weekends ago, I received an urgent text from someone needing to know about Suncoast Hospice. Rodriquis conducted the informational visit with the family who was afraid, angry and hopeless. He was able to have a meaningful discussion with the mother, grandmother and the patient to ease their fears and gain their trust. The family shared they never had someone talk to them in such a caring way and provide guidance for the difficult decisions they needed to make. Those comments didn’t surprise me at all. It is an extraordinary moment when your presence and words can be a conduit by which healing can take place. Rodriquis is attune to those around him and quickly assesses the emotions and tone, and provides what is needed for that family, physician or colleague. He checks in with his team and supervisor to simply ask, “Do you need anything?”  Recently, one of our patients noted they could not see Rodriquis’ face because of his mask, but they could see his eyes and his eyes showed passion and kindness.  

 He carries the same professionalism, commitment, integrity, care and compassion as he serves our country as an Air National Guardsman.

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