Welcome visitors. Address envelopes. Feed a pet. Ring up a sale. Touch a heart. We are here to provide unwavering support to ALL people, through every moment possible, with the same level of attention, understanding, and insight fundamental to the great outcomes we strive to provide to everyone we serve. Our volunteers are profoundly helpful with their time, talents and dedication to our mission of full life care for all.


Hold a hand. Honor a veteran. Spread cheer. Make visits with your special pet. Listen to cherished memories. We always strive to make a difference in every life we touch by embracing every opportunity to advocate for people’s needs, adapt to meet life’s challenges, and innovate to continue a history of leading healthcare forward. Our volunteers are courageously impactful with every hand they hold, every story they share, every smile they bring – everything they do.


Use a computer. Assist with a fundraising event. Play music. Sew a blanket. Share your special talents in new ways. We provide the finest quality care available by insisting on a level of expertise that’s unrivaled, a level of excellence that’s unheard of, and a belief in our mission and ourselves that’s undeniable. Our volunteers are confidently skillful in their dedication to service and unique qualities they offer our patients, families and community members.

Volunteering at Empath Health

Empath Health has many volunteer opportunities in a variety of capacities throughout Tampa Bay and Southwest Florida. It would be impossible for us to provide full life care to all the communities we serve without our esteemed volunteers. And volunteering can change your life while you change someone else’s.