Empath Health Blog, Jim Andrews

Suncoast Hospice Director of Spiritual Care Jim Andrews

One of the questions that hospice teams have been asking patients for many years now is, “What is most important to you”. Asked at the right moment and in the right way, this simple question can elicit sincere reflection about how that person would like to spend the remainder of their precious days.

It is a catalyst for clarifying our deepest values and priorities and ensuring that the choices we are making are in alignment with them. Every once in a while, it might be a good idea for us to ask ourselves the same question.  What IS most important to me?  Am I living a life that reflects those values and priorities?  Am I being and becoming the person that I most want to be?  Am I spending my valuable time and resources on the things that matter most to me?

May we enjoy the peace and contentment that comes from finding and living out of that congruence!

Have a great week, everyone!