We treasure living in Florida – our tropical paradise of beautiful beaches, wildlife and nature.

In light of World Environment Day June 5, we join in promoting action to protect our local environment and planet Earth. We can help in many ways, from no littering to using less plastic, to car-pooling, to recycling and even second-hand shopping.

Did you know we have three Suncoast Hospice Resale Shops in Pinellas County where you can donate or shop for furniture, clothing, houseware and more while supporting care needed for our community?

Our Resale Shops are run almost entirely by adult and teen volunteers and supported by business groups’ service projects. All proceeds from the stores help pay for care for people in our community who are unable to afford it. Basic household and personal items from the stores may also be supplied to those in need in our care.

Impact in fiscal year 2018:

• Approximately 1,725 tons of merchandise received (at stores and pick-ups)
• Nearly 10.9 tons of merchandise provided to clients and the community (equivalent to $25,289 value)
• Nearly 215 tons of the donated electronics, metal and textiles recycled (equaling $13,627 revenue from that recycled merchandise, which contributed to the gross funds raised)
• More than 400 volunteers contributed nearly 85,510 hours of service
• More than 172,000 customers served
• More than $1,740,805 gross funds raised

Thank you for caring about our community and planet with your donations, purchases and volunteer support. You all make a difference.

Our Resale Shops are open in Clearwater, Countryside and St. Petersburg, Monday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Click here for store locations, pick-ups and sales information.

Visit IfYouThrift.org to see our latest merchandise and giveaways.