Empath Therapy – Special Programs Enhance Quality of Life

Empath Health offers a variety of special programs to our patients to enhance their quality of life. These programs include, pet therapy, music therapy, massage, expressive arts, and more.

Tidewell Hospice Complimentary Services

Tidewell Complementary Services offers a full array of special programs that bring quality of life to those with advanced illness.

A variety of therapies — used together with conventional medicine — are designed to facilitate stress reduction, pain relief and distraction, opportunities for joy and healing of psycho-social issues for patients and their families. Tidewell’s Complementary Services are 100 percent supported by donors.

(941) 552-7546

Suncoast Hospice Integrative Medicine

In hospice care, it is essential to care for a person’s whole well-being and comfort. Our integrative medicine and palliative arts use a holistic approach that combines conventional medicine and specialized practices that bring relief and serenity for our patients.

At the Suncoast Hospice Integrative Medicine Clinic, our team of expert clinicians and specially-trained palliative arts volunteers blends the best of all treatment and modalities in a soothing, caring environment. They focus on balancing overall wellness – body, mind and spirit – and improving quality of life. Volunteers also may serve and comfort patients in their homes, long-term care facilities or the Suncoast Hospice Care Centers.

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