Darlene knew recovery from open heart surgery would be a months-long process. She didn’t expect that part of it actually would be fun and games.

Before having the procedure, it was recommended that she talk with Empath Health about home care services that would be available to assist in her recovery.

As someone who prides herself on independence, Darlene was initially hesitant about accepting the extra help. Ultimately she agreed – and she’s glad she did.

After a short stay in rehab, she was able to return home to continue recuperating under the care of Empath Home Health. Her team ensures she has the medical support she needs at home, as well as making sure she as all the necessary emotional and cognitive care.

These days, Darlene has found she doesn’t remember things as well as she used to.

A speech pathologist offers cognitive therapy to help her improve her memory. To accomplish this, Darlene has exercises she works through to build back up her memory. More often than not, these exercises feel more like games than work.

That’s not to say her sessions aren’t hard work, however. Each one brings new challenges and Darlene can count on her therapist to patiently guide her though. After several months, she’s noticed not only an improvement in her focus and recall, but also a boost to her confidence and mood.

“Every visit is like a bright star coming into my house, encouraging me and giving me tactics to try,” adds Darlene. “I feel accomplished.”

In the past three months, Darlene feels like she’s been able to make significant progress. And she gives her team a lot of credit. Their perseverance, non-judgmental manners and cheerful disposition have made all the difference. Most of all, she knows her team can be reached 24/7 if needed. It’s not something she has needed to use yet, but she takes comfort in knowing someone is always there.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better group. I have the crème de la crème,” says Darlene.

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