Congratulations to our June Impact Award winner, Kathy Diangikes, RN, an admissions nurse on the Empath Health care navigation team.

Diangikes joined in 2017. She goes out to homes and in hospitals doing admissions for Suncoast Hospice. She meets with patients and their families to explain services and how the organization can best serve them.

“I’m the first person they see when the doctors suggest hospice care. Sometimes when I meet them they are at their most vulnerable point. I try to be loving and comforting. I absolutely love my job. This is the most amazing place I have ever worked. I feel good here,” Diangikes shared.

The monthly Impact Award recognizes and celebrates staff for their positive impact on others, demonstration of our values and above-and-beyond service.

Here are words from Diangikes’ nomination:

“Kathy was hired with the expectation of doing home admissions. Due to the needs of the department, she is assigned to hospital admissions more than home admissions. She went to the hospitals and learned the needed routines. Though she expressed her discomfort about the overwhelming variety of admission types and processes when she was new, she learned and grew professionally. This shows her brave spirit.

On several occasions when I was in the hospitals and needed help, Kathy was sent to help me. She not only showed up willing to help with the load, she brought a smile, laughter and a helping hand for me. She was definitely a healing presence when I was overwhelmed.

Kathy is one of those nurses who draws people to her, to her work ethic, to her funny side, to her caring. Since we work alone and are in the field so much, it is hard to know all of the things she has done for others and for the department. But she made a special stamp on my heart.”

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