Shaun Goss, durable medical equipment (DME) dispatcher for Empath Health

Congratulations to our March Impact Award winner, Shaun Goss, durable medical equipment (DME) dispatcher for Empath Health.

Goss joined the organization in June of 2020. In her role, she works to get medical equipment to patients as quickly and efficiently as possible. She coordinates with many different teams about what is needed, when it is needed and where it is needed. Goss works with patients and caregivers as well to arrange times that are best for techs to make those deliveries.

“Every day I am helping to provide life-changing care to our patients and that is a rewarding feeling,” says Goss.

The monthly Impact Award recognizes and celebrates staff for their positive impact on others, demonstration of our values and above-and-beyond service.

Here is an excerpt from Goss’s nomination:

 Shaun is the dispatcher for DME. Most people think that making an impact is all about what you say and do. Often overlooked is being a great listener. Shaun leaves her mark by being a great listener. She pays attention to what our patients and their families say. She listens to, understands and focuses on the needs. She provides life-changing care each day to our patients by listening! Hearing her on the phone with our patients and their families will uplift you. Her compassion really shows. She is the first person our new patients and families speak to. She also goes out of her way to comfort a family that has just lost a loved one. She will stay on the phone to hear a family tell a story or even a struggle the family is having after their loved one’s death.

 Shaun Goss is wonderful about going above and beyond. She has personally met patients and their families in the parking lot to help them out with a pickup. She is also grateful and pitches in everywhere she can. She has jumped in to help clean equipment and tested equipment that needed to go out to a patient and that is above and beyond.

 Shaun is a trailblazer. She is always coming up with new concepts and originating new processes. Our patients remember her. When they call, they ask for her. She is also very flexible working across many areas of the organization. The staff all know and love her.

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