Jeanne Seis, RN, MBA, director of home health for Empath Health

Complex medical conditions often call for specialized care providers. This is true for not only physical illnesses, but mental health disorders as well. Home-bound patients have an added layer of complexity in these situations.

For comprehensive and streamlined care, Empath Home Health can offer a mental health registered nurse to work with such patients. The opportunity to receive the necessary care at home can greatly improve quality of life, especially during times when there is a change in the status of their condition.

“A mental health RN is specialized for diagnoses in that realm,” explains Jeanne Seis, RN, MBA, director of home health for Empath Health. “They can act as the eyes and ears for the physician when a patient is in an exacerbated state.”

Common conditions that may benefit from the care of a mental health nurse include schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder, depression, manic-depression and bipolar depression.

The extra training of a mental health nurse allows them to expertly care for the intricacies of these diagnoses. Not only can a mental health nurse deliver timely access to care when symptoms are worsening, but can also offer the same routine care that a typical registered nurse could provide. They can evaluate the effectiveness of any medication changes and work with the physician on any adjustments to the plan of care, if needed.

In addition to the patient’s physician, the mental health nurse works along the entire continuum of care, teaming up with any social worker, therapist or other care provider they may have to ensure a coordinated experience.

This service is available to Empath Home Health patients in Pinellas and west Pasco counties. Those considering home care, including mental health services, should have need for a qualifying skill and follow Medicare guidelines.

“This service from Empath Health is a real asset for our community,” adds Seis. “We want to make sure those who have a need for the service have access to it.”

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