Volunteer Shows off a Suncoast Hospice Resale Shop at Its Best

Hector Torres projects a keen eye for design. During the 1980’s, he worked in retail creating merchandise displays for large stores in California. After his job of 16 years at JCPenney was eliminated, he moved across country to Tampa to be closer to his family. He now...

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Honoring The Intrinsic Value Of Ourselves And One Another

One spiritual teacher began his day with this prayer: "May I open my eyes in the morning with the holy name on my lips, May I see the Divine everywhere and in everyone, May I never hurt anyone and may I never be afraid of anyone, May I be inspired to choose persuasive...

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Giving to Our Seniors for a Merry Christmas

Empath Health is all about caring for our community. We once again are helping spread Christmas cheer through our partnership with Silver Santas, which collects donations of gifts for Pinellas County seniors in need. Suncoast PACE, a member of Empath Health, cares for...

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A Time for Reflection

The holiday season can hold such a mixture of things. The anticipation of family gatherings, important religious observances, elaborate meal preparations, the giving and receiving of gifts. It can also be filled with memories of loved ones who are no longer with us, a...

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Meet Freya the Volunteer: Floppy Ears, Kind Spirit

Freshly primped in a pink collar and a purple stroller, Freya the rabbit and her owner Lacey Patterson make their rounds at Palm Garden of Pinellas Health and Rehabilitation Center. This Suncoast Hospice volunteer duo is specially trained to visit our patients, like...

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Creating A Grateful Mindset

December is a month that invites deeper reflection. Whether you are preparing for meaningful religious holidays or recognizing the passing of another year, it is an opportunity to take a moment in the midst of the hustle bustle around us, quiet our busy minds and take...

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Caregivers to Caregivers: Support Group for Alzheimer’s

November marks Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and Family Caregivers Month. We wish to acknowledge the many families who are taking care of loved ones with Alzheimer’s or other dementia in our community. Alzheimer’s is a complex and incurable disease that can last for...

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Grace, Peace and the Promise of a New Year

The months of November and December are filled with opportunities to celebrate. Hopefully, we are all still feeling the warm glow of grateful hearts and delicious family recipes from Thanksgiving. Ahead of us, we have Hannukah, Christmas, the winter solstice, Mawlid...

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Thanksgiving: An Invitation to Gratitude

Unlike other holidays that we celebrate commemorating a historical milestone, honoring a person whose contribution to our country was significant, or observing a religious custom, Thanksgiving is simply an invitation to gratitude. A call to cultivate within ourselves...

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6:00 pm Lights of Lake Park @ Lights of Lake Park Estates
Lights of Lake Park @ Lights of Lake Park Estates
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Resale Shops Super Saturday Dece... @ Suncoast Hospice Resale Shops
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