Suncoast Hospice Senior Staff Nurse Danielle Wieder

Empath Health is fortunate to have many top-notch nurses caring for our patients, clients and seniors each day. Our nurses work together with their care teams to provide compassionate care, education and support that improves comfort and quality of life for all those they serve.

One special nurse who stands out is Danielle Wieder, RN, a senior staff nurse with the Suncoast Hospice Bronze Team. Read on to learn about her care, management and mentorship with her patients, families and team.

“I’d like to recognize one of many nurses at Suncoast, Danielle Wieder, RN. While Danielle doesn’t do direct patient care every day, she oversees and manages the care of 120 patients on a daily basis as our senior staff nurse.

Danielle is kind, compassionate and dedicated to making sure patients, families and staff have what they need. There have been many occasions when Danielle has gone out to see patients in need, when otherwise it may take a while for their primary nurse to get there. Danielle is a mentor to her nurses and aides. She consistently builds the team and provides ongoing support.

Danielle soaks up any opportunity to heal the mind, body or soul of our patients, families and staff. She is the nurse that keeps the team whole. She is one of the best nurses helping to change lives and make a difference.”

– Karen Lipsey, Suncoast Hospice Bronze Team Care Team Manager

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