Empath Health Blog, Jim Andrews

Suncoast Hospice Director of Spiritual Care Jim Andrews

The United States and a handful of other countries around the globe set aside a day each year for the expressed purpose of celebrating gratitude. A day to focus on the blessings and the bounty and the often-times under-appreciated miracles that fill our lives and bring us joy. In my family, we have a tradition on Thanksgiving Day of writing a list of things that we are thankful for that year and sharing them before we have our feast. We remember loved ones who are no longer with us. We reconnect with what is most important. We recognize and honor all of the ways that friendships and family relationships give our lives depth and meaning. We celebrate the enjoyment of a good book, an inspiring piece of music, the tastes of our favorite foods, the wonder of travel and the beauty of our natural world.

What would make it onto your list this year of things for which you are grateful? Wishing all of you a long gratitude list, a table spread with your favorite dishes and surrounded by your favorite people.

Have a great week, Everyone!