Empath Health Blog, Jim Andrews

Director of Spiritual Care Jim Andrews

Do you remember learning to ride a bicycle? Remember how foreign it felt trying to keep yourself upright on two wheels?  It took some practice to be able to balance, until one day you could ride down the road triumphantly with no hands feeling the wind in your hair.

Creating balance in our lives can sometimes be just as challenging – and just as exhilarating!  But creating balance in our lives has less to do with the distribution of body weight than it does with a willingness to let go. To let go of old maps and ways of thinking that don’t serve us anymore, to let go of attitudes and behaviors that contribute to our anxiety or unhappiness. One of the things that I am trying to let go in order to have more balance is hurry. We are always in such a hurry, aren’t we? And in our speed, we miss so much.

What is there in your life that you need to let go of in order to have more balance in your life?

Wishing for all of you that exhilarating feeling and sense of mastery that comes with balance this week.

Have a wonderful week, everyone.