Empath Health Blog, Jim Andrews

Suncoast Hospice Director of Spiritual Care Jim Andrews

I remember coming to the bedside of one of our Suncoast Hospice patients one afternoon a few years ago. An older lady who exuded a peaceful and contented spirit. After talking with her for a while, I asked her if she would like for me to come back and visit her next week. She smiled again and replied softly, “Oh, my dear – I’ll be dying very soon.” When I asked her what led her to that conclusion, she said, “Because this body can no longer be of service.” In talking with her loved ones, I heard story after story of the countless ways that this precious soul had poured herself out for her family, her friends and her community. A long list of lives profoundly touched by her self-less giving and her quiet wisdom. The very next day I got the news that this incredible lady had died peacefully with a smile on her face.

In this our second week of National Hospice Month, we are grateful for the opportunity to be of service. To spend our hours bringing comfort and compassion to those who are suffering. May we live our lives in such a way that when it is our turn to lay this body down, we do so with a peaceful heart and a smile on our face.

Have a great week, everyone!