Empath Health President and CEO Rafael J. Sciullo Honors Catalyst Award Winners Christopher Ramos, Hope Walke and Robert Angus

At Empath Health, it is our privilege to provide expert and compassionate care and support to our community – whether they need comfort for a chronic or advanced illness, peace of mind planning for any future medical emergencies or healing after a loved one’s death. We work to meet needs in the best possible ways, always keeping the focus on an extraordinary experience for each patient, client and family.

Living our mission takes a caring, understanding and courageous spirit, the kind so exceptionally exhibited by our first Catalyst Award winners. This distinct award was established last year as part of our president council’s initiative to show special appreciation for outstanding employees (clinical or nonclinical) who are committed to care and service excellence. It recognizes the routine demonstration of our mission, vision, founding principles and guiding values.

“It was decided that we really wanted to form some type of recognition that focused on individuals who stand out as the impetus for change,” shared Empath Health President and CEO Rafael J. Sciullo. He leads the council in discussing matters that help improve systems, shape strategic direction and strengthen the position of the organization as a leading healthcare provider.

The award nominations were coordinated by a subcommittee from the council and the center for learning. Thirty-three employees were nominated from teams and departments across the agency for three award categories. Sciullo hosted a breakfast to recognize all nominees and honor awardees with custom-made glass art and monetary awards.

A big congratulations to our remarkable winners. Here are some words from their nominations:

Pioneering Heart Award

Hope Walke, Suncoast Hospice care team RN

“Hope is caring and compassionate to all. She is an agent of life-changing care…During our recent hurricane, Hope served patients and families and had a calm presence…She has been chosen to be an added resource for our new RNs, going out of her way to assist them as a need arises.”

Open Mind Award

Christopher Ramos, EPIC (Empath Partners in Care) volunteer coordinator

“In all my years here (20-plus) I have NEVER seen another employee who works as hard as he does…He has the caring soul, unselfishness and upbeat personality that we should all strive for…He is always willing to assist our clients, especially after official hours. Our volunteers are most committed and he makes the extra effort to make them feel a part of the Empath family.”

Brave Spirit Award

Robert Angus, Suncoast Hospice Resale Shop coordinator

“Robert always offers exceptional, compassionate care and customer service knowing in his heart the priority they are within this organization. Whether it is on the truck, at a donor’s home or in the store, Robert consistently offers exceptional care and service. He offers that same level of service to all volunteers and staff who are in need of his assistance. Robert exemplifies supporting our life’s work in every capacity that he has filled.”

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