Licensed Practical Nurse, Hospice Care

Suncoast Hospice Crisis Care LPN Viola Reece

Congratulations to our September Impact Award winner, Viola Reece, a licensed practical nurse (LPN) on Suncoast Hospice’s crisis care team.

Reece joined Suncoast Hospice in 2008. Her care brings support and peace for patients and families in the final phase of patients’ lives.

“I worked in long-term care rehab facilities in the past, and I didn’t always have the opportunity or the time to apply complete palliative care for my patients. As a crisis care nurse, I collaborate in end-of-life care with the crisis care team, including the social worker, primary nurse and spiritual care coordinator. I help provide dignity and comfort for our patients and honor patients’ and families’ wishes. Individually I can do a lot, but as a crisis care team we are awesome. We go in and break down all barriers to get a patient comfortable. That’s the ultimate goal for the patient and the family,” Reece shared.

The monthly Impact Award recognizes and celebrates staff for their positive impact on others, demonstration of our values and above-and-beyond service.

Here are words about Reece:

“Viola gives one-to-one care at the bedside of dying patients, providing comfort for our patients and families. She is a strong advocate for our patients and committed to management of their pain.

Viola serves all of our patients and families with an open mind and a pioneering spirit by treating them with respect, dignity and non-judgement. She offers comfort, kindness, compassion and a wonderful sense of confidence in her abilities to provide the best care to our patients.

Viola is well respected amongst her colleagues. She bravely helps our mentors with our newly-hired staff. Viola shares her knowledge and bedside leadership with new staff to help them learn the best ways to care for our crisis care patients. She portrays a positive and enthusiastic attitude with new staff.

Viola has integrity and a strong sense of service and commitment. One family member shared, ‘Our nurse Viola was truly heaven sent. I can’t imagine how differently mom’s life may have ended if she had not received such extraordinary care.’”

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