Carol Sims, Care Team Assistant

Congratulations to our October Impact Award winner, Carol Sims, a care team assistant for Suncoast Hospice.

Sims joined the organization as a member of the Burgundy Team and worked with leadership to create the Pearl Team, which she has been a part of for 14 years. In her role as a care team assistant, Sims is responsible for administrative tasks, ordering durable medical equipment (DME), home health aides (HHA) scheduling, and following up on any needs of the field team.

“The Pearl Team staff have a great work ethic and teamwork,” says Sims. “To be able to provide the support they need to do their job out in the field is very rewarding.”

The monthly Impact Award recognizes and celebrates staff for their positive impact on others, demonstration of our values and above-and-beyond service.

Here is an excerpt from her nomination:

Over the years, Carol has supported the changes and growth of our organization with an open mind and a brave spirit. The team in the field counts on Carol to help get DNRs signed and faxed, urgent medical records scanned and issues with DME resolved quickly. She isn’t just the Pearl Team “go-to” but everyone at the North County Community Service Center truly counts on her years of experience. Everyone knows they can call or stop by and Carol will assist them and if she doesn’t know the solution she will find someone who does. Carol is also a trainer and mentor for new care team assistants. Carol wears many hats and is a key member of the Pearl Team – in many ways the unsung hero. 

 In addition to her administrative roles, Carol provides a healing presence with her calm and caring voice to anyone who calls the office. She receives many direct calls from patients and families seeking support. She is often the first hospice contact after the death of a loved one. Carol provides the right words at the right moment. She takes the time to actively listen to their needs and concerns so she can determine how to help and who she may need to connect them with. Carol doesn’t rush them off the phone. She provides a very empathetic and compassionate listening ear while gathering the details needed to help each caller. One example of her healing presence is when we had a patient call everyday asking for his RN or having other questions. Carol patiently listened to his daily questions, even if they were exactly the same as the previous day. The patient had just lost his wife. He was confused and lonely. Carol listened and reassured him that his RN would be visiting or following up. Carol was amazing with this gentleman.

 Carol has a pioneering heart. She has helped with many new projects over the years. Currently she is learning the new electronic medical records system ahead of the team, so she can help teach others. Carol is always open to helping with different projects even if it’s not her area of expertise.

 Carol also has a grateful voice. She expresses gratitude to our patients and families for letting Suncoast Hospice care for them. She shows gratitude to all team members and volunteers for the work they do daily. Her grateful voice is often heard when she coordinates the HHA schedule. She acknowledges how hard the HHA’s work, and appreciates their flexibility when schedules need to change.

 Carol demonstrates our employee values each and every day and the Pearl Team appreciates her daily contributions.

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