Marc Bradley, Maintenance Tech Team leader assists with a delivery of PPE

Congratulations to our November Impact Award winner, Marc Bradley, maintenance tech team leader for Empath Health.

Bradley has been dedicated to the mission of Empath Health for nearly 20 years. In his role, Bradley assists with many tasks that help the organization run smoothly, including ensuring PPE is safely stored, helping the EPIC prevention team with their mobile testing unit, coming to the rescue of those accidentally locked out of their office and much more.

“I am honored to work beside the entire maintenance and environmental services team, a great bunch of people whose skill shines through every day,” says Bradley. “But what really sets them apart is they understand the mission and will go to the ends of the Earth to ensure our patients and families get whatever they require during the worst of times.”

The monthly Impact Award recognizes and celebrates staff for their positive impact on others, demonstration of our values and above-and-beyond service.

Bradley was nominated by his teammates. Here is an excerpt from his nomination:

“Marc Bradley was my team leader when I first came to work for Empath Health.  Marc is very supportive. He is always glad to share what he knows and has taught me many things. 

Marc is proud to have worked for Suncoast Hospice for more than 15 years.  He is truly a leader in our department.  Many of the crew look up to him as a role model. 

We face many challenges in our department and are asked to do all kinds of work.  Marc works hard to do whatever needs to be done every day and many times people do not notice.”  

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