Volunteer Glenda Fagan

Glenda Fagan found her way to Suncoast Hospice after a kind act of caregiving.

For three years she provided assistance and companionship for a lady named Eleanor, whom her husband befriended in his retirement.

“Eleanor was delightful. She had a lot of health issues and was alone with no family here. I would do grocery shopping and take care of her needs. We looked forward to it,” Glenda explained.

Supporting the Community

When Glenda felt a need to take a break, she would visit our Clearwater resale shop, where she was recruited to volunteer. She decided to sign up after Eleanor moved back to the Carolinas.

She shared, “The shop was a time for me to de-stress. The ladies who volunteered there always asked me if I’d like to volunteer. I saw what a difference it made helping Eleanor and I needed to keep giving back.”

At the shop, Glenda helps process donations, organize pick-ups and answer the phone. On her calls, she’s able to connect with many families who donate on behalf of the wonderful care their loved ones received.

“I hear their stories and how appreciative they are of all we do. It’s very rewarding to know we’re making a difference,” she said.

With a desire to help even more, Glenda joined our mid-Pinellas care center at the welcome desk greeting visitors and has pitched in assisting other departments and mentoring new volunteers.

She added, “I thought I could give more time. I love working at the desk and meeting patients and families.”

Life-Changing Service

Being a homemaker, love for her son and husband and Suncoast Hospice service have all brought her great joy and fulfillment.

“I’m blessed. I had no idea what an impact this volunteering would have on my life. The other volunteers are like family. I can’t imagine not doing it. I get up and I’m ready to go. I love it. I hope I can do it for a long time,” she explained.

Her hope is that more people will turn to Suncoast Hospice.

“The care and support system we have are just amazing. We get more than we give as volunteers. I highly recommend volunteering to anyone who can do it,” she said.

Help Others – Volunteer!

Join our mission of care. Find more information about our Suncoast Hospice or Empath Health volunteer opportunities on our website or at an upcoming volunteer orientation near year.