Each year the Clark family gathers for a special backyard barbecue. Dad, a law enforcement officer, and mom host at their house. Everyone dresses in black and enjoys great food, black balloon decorations and a Kick-the-Bucket cake.

The couple recognizes that life is fragile and fleeting, and one day they will die. So they make it a point to speak their wishes in front of their whole family, before any kind of health crisis is looming.

Putting it all out there in an open and honest discussion is so important. They talk about all legalities and decisions. They share who will receive their property and belongings, who is chosen to be in charge of their health care if a major medical event renders them unable to communicate and what kind of treatment they do or do not wish to be performed.

Maybe it’s the hazardous line of work that makes the Clarks more willing to have this kind of dialogue. So many of us tend to avoid thoughts of death and mortality. Yet, there’s also a growing trend to face death in the best light possible. Many people are planning ahead and checking off their bucket list of must-dos before they die. They want to get the most out of life. No regrets.

In order to truly live life to the fullest with the most meaning, every adult should also make a goal to plan a living will. Even in the final parts of life, our choices matter. And it makes it easier for our loved ones and those who will treat us, sparing them unnecessary confusion or agony.

If you’re like the Clarks, you won’t see this as a dreaded occasion but rather a gift of peace of mind for yourself and those you love. There will be no surprises. And because they made it so normal, maybe someday the little ones will carry on their family tradition.

Have you talked with your family and done your living will?

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