Clearwater, Fla. – In recognition of more than four decades of providing end-of-life care for patients and grief counseling for their families, Pinellas County, Florida has formally declared June 5, 2018 as Suncoast Hospice Day.

In its proclamation, the county references Suncoast Hospice’s founding in 1977 by a group of volunteers who provided “the dying and their families with care, compassion, dignity and comfort, so that no one would die alone or in pain.” From this inspired beginning, Suncoast Hospice has grown into a major community-based nonprofit employer in Pinellas County, with more than 1,100 employees, including physicians, advanced registered nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed social workers, certified nursing assistants, spiritual care coordinators, licensed grief counselors and general staff. In addition, Suncoast Hospice has grown from a handful of volunteers 41 years ago to nearly 2,000 throughout the county today.

Marci Pruitt, RN, vice president for Suncoast Hospice, said the declaration was well-deserved recognition for the thousands of people dedicated to making the end-of-life transition for patients and families a peaceful one.

“We are so proud of our employees and volunteers for the work they do every day to provide comfort, care and support to our patients and their families,” said Pruitt. “It’s truly a labor of love; for more than four decades Suncoast Hospice has created a caring environment for those who need it the most.”

Suncoast Hospice does its remarkable work with the financial support of the local Suncoast Hospice Foundation. The foundation provided $4.1 million in financial support in 2017. This funding made care possible for patients and their families regardless of their ability to