Empath Health Blog, Jim Andrews

Suncoast Hospice Director of Spiritual Care Jim Andrews

Sometimes when I wake up on Monday morning I almost feel like my eyes are barely open before my brain starts the download of all the things that I have to do that day and throughout the week. How easy it is to get caught up in the urgency of it all and the daily race to “get it all done.”  It can be so tempting to jump in and start checking things off.

But what matters is not only what we get done, but who we are when we are doing it. What matters is bringing mindfulness and intentionality to what we do, focusing on the journey, not just the destination. So try putting on the brakes on Monday morning long enough to connect with who you want to be in the world and the energy you want to bring to your work.

It may just make a world of difference in your day!

Have a great week, everyone!