William and Sylvia enjoy lunch together

Angela Spevak has had a busy few days.

There is furniture to move, a room to prepare. All before her parents, Sylvia and William, return home at the end of the week. The couple has been at the Suncoast Hospice Care Center Mid-Pinellas for a five-night respite stay.

Just over a year ago, Spevak brought her parents from her sister’s house in Indiana to Florida. Her sister had been struggling with caregiver fatigue and Spevak stepped up to take over, even while managing her own health issues.

Sylvia and William enjoyed the Florida lifestyle while they were still mostly able to take care of each other. That didn’t last for long, however. In October, Sylvia’s dementia took a turn and her health began to go downhill quickly. William’s health began to decline soon after.

The family’s general practitioner suggested a consult with Suncoast Hospice and the couple was soon under their care. The assistance Spevak has received since then has been a welcome relief.

“It’s not easy to have two parents that need care at home,” says Spevak. “It’s helped a lot to have Suncoast Hospice provide regular home visits from a nurse and a physical therapist.”

When Spevak needed time to rearrange the house in a way that makes it easier to care for her parents, Suncoast Hospice was there to provide respite care.

The timing of their stay couldn’t be better. At the Mid-Pinellas Care Center, some single rooms had recently been converted to semi-private rooms. This meant the married couple of 23 years would be able to stay together.

They’ll be able to stay together when they get home, too.

Because of their medical needs, Sylvia and William previously were in separate rooms. With Spevak’s reorganization, their specialized medical beds will now share a room. The added assistance from Suncoast Hospice means the couple will be able to stay right where they want to be for as long as possible – at home together.

“It has been amazing to have help at home and access to respite care,” adds Spevak. “It’s given me a much needed break.”