Suncoast Hospice Patient Doreen Prucha (middle) visits with cheer team members Colleen Martin, Priya Larson, Eden Nehorai and Alexandra Vormwald

One thing is for sure, Doreen Prucha adores company at her place at Stratford Court of Palm Harbor. This day was extra special. Her teen volunteer cheer team from Suncoast Hospice came to visit and shortly afterwards two of her family members arrived with dinner and goodies.

“I’m honored today. I’ve got to get a bigger room. Come back and see me you two,” Prucha told her family as they stepped out so the teens could continue visiting.

The team goes weekly to see Prucha and other patients in our care at the facility. Hailing from England and 93 years old, Prucha welcomed them in with her jolly spirit.

They presented her a hand-made craft, asked how she was feeling and set up an iPhone playing her beloved classical music.

“Oh, that’s nice music,” expressed Prucha.

Soon the group began a fast-paced card game that kept Prucha on her toes.

Doreen Prucha

“What am I looking for, four-of-a-kind?…I’m really beginning to learn this…Slow down girls…You cheat,” she joked and laughed.

Team member Colleen Martin asked, “Do you want to play another game?” Prucha replied, “No, this is fun.”

Their special time together was mutually uplifting. Prucha wanted to keep on playing.

She said, “I appreciate that you come. That’s very nice of you.” Martin answered, “We love coming. One more game.”

After their final game, they exchanged goodbyes and hugs. When asked if Prucha watched the recent royal wedding, she replied absolutely. She thought the ceremony was beautiful and the dress was in good taste, simple and elegant without too much frill.

Family members Linda Edington and Philip Rogen drop in to see Doreen Prucha

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