Comprehensive Heart Failure Care

Empath Health Cardiac CareConnections provides specialized home care and support for heart failure patients. Our team is led by a certified heart failure nurse practitioner and includes specially trained nurses, therapists and aides who can identify the subtle changes in a patient’s condition can lead to system exacerbations or even hospitalization. Our patients have access to 24-hour support and additional support for family members.

Heart failure patients that may benefit from our CareConnections program include those who have had:

  • Diagnosis of heart failure with or without other medical conditions
  • Recent or recurrent hospitalizations
  • Need for assistance/education with heart failure medications
  • Frequent visits to physician offices
  • Difficulty getting out of the home due to health concerns (considered “homebound” per insurance rules)

Our CardiacCare Connections team provides

Nurse Practitioner:
  • Provides expert symptom management in the home setting
  • Collaborates with primary cardiologists and/or primary care physicians to treat heart failure
    symptoms expeditiously
  • Reviews and advises care plans for all home care patients
  • Makes home visits as needed
  • Is available 24/7 for crisis symptom management
Nursing Team:
  • Uses IV inotropes and IV diuretics in the home setting
  • Has experience in left ventricular assist device (LVAD) care
  • Makes home visits in support of patient care and addresses family member concerns
  • Provides comprehensive patient and family education, including discussions about:
    – Weight management
    – Sodium and fluid restrictions
    – Food content/food label interpretation with “a day in the kitchen”

To learn more about Empath CardiacConnections call (727) 523-2360 or fill-out the request for information form.