Shot of a senior woman standing confidently with her arms crossed at home

It is truly inspiring to see the many people in our care and beyond who continue to carry forth gratitude, hope and determination to live the best possible quality of life for as long as they can. During this time, they often reflect on what is most meaningful in their lives and what they still wish to achieve.

As Make Your Dream Come True Day approaches on January 13, we look to our mission of caring for our patients’ comfort, needs, choices and goals. We have helped patients take trips to see their families, serve specially-loved meals to patients in their homes and fulfill many other patients’ wishes. Other times, we have helped patients find the strength to do routine activities that they hold dear.

One Empath Home Health patient is back on her feet again, thanks to her care team and treatment of an ultrasound machine (known as a TENS unit), which was purchased through a micro-grant from the Empath Health Women’s Giving Network (WGN). This therapeutic machine stimulates tissue and aids in the recovery of injuries and disease.

“This is an alternative therapy that can benefit our patients. The benefits of ultrasound may include pain relief, faster healing and less chance of infections,” said Anita Rasmussen, Empath Home Health care manager and the requester of the funding last year.

This patient was only able to move with the aid of a walker and has now graduated to using a cane due to a reduction in her pain and inflammation, according to her care team physical therapist. Her family reports that with her improved mobility, she is thrilled to be able to attend church again on Sundays.

Beneficial Support

We are deeply grateful for the community’s ongoing support of our care, patients and families.

You can help by making a donation online, joining the Women’s Giving Network (WGN) or giving other support. Visit to donate. Call Annette Carter of the Suncoast Hospice Foundation at (727) 523-3414 to learn more about the WGN.

Thank you for caring!