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Suncoast PACE Participant Filomena Gonzalez

It’s National Senior Citizens Day on August 21. Hats off to the many seniors we know, love and care for in our community.

Special appreciation to our Suncoast PACE all-inclusive senior care and support program. They are dedicated to helping participants stay social, active, healthy, safe and independent in their homes and in the community.

Meet Filomena Gonzalez, Suncoast PACE Participant

Filomena Gonzalez sports a bright outfit, stylish accessories, beige-painted nails and a kind smile during an afternoon at the Suncoast PACE Center. She is 91 years old, petite, Spanish-speaking and originally from Puerto Rico. Almost all of her life she was a New Yorker and created fashions.

“I lived in New York for 80 years. I worked for many years. I made dresses and everything,” Gonzalez shared.

She now lives with her daughter at home and comes into the center four days a week for medical care, socialization and recreation with the care team and fellow participants. Her favorite center activities are conversations with others who speak Spanish, dancing, bingo and getting her nails painted – pink is her number one color.

“My daughter wakes me up and says get dressed to go. She doesn’t want to see me stay home. I come in almost every day. I like it,” she noted.

Not eating too much, seeing the PACE doctor and involvement at the center help maintain Gonzalez’ good health and spirit. She also is enriched by a close relationship and an active lifestyle with her daughter, including their weekend activities and regular road trips to visit family in Miami.

“I feel good for 91. I’m satisfied here (center). I like everything. They (staff) are so nice. I’m friendly with everybody. I’m happy,” she said.

Caring for seniors

Learn more about Suncoast PACE care online or call (727) 289-0062.