Suncoast Hospice Regional Program Director Chip Cosper

Why choose hospice care?

This specialized care and support focuses on bringing relief to you and your family in the last six months of an illness. A team of expert staff and trained volunteers is available day and night to:

• Soothe pain and distress
• Deliver medications, equipment and supplies
• Educate about hands-on care
• Guide in making care decisions
• Link to resources
• Support emotional and spiritual well-being

Care with Compassion

In essence, hospice care helps restore comfort, dignity and quality of life. Suncoast Hospice has been the only nonprofit community-based hospice serving Pinellas County for more than 40 years. We’re here to help you when you need it.

“Our goal is to meet people where they are and come along beside them wherever they are in life’s journey. Patients and families are in charge of their plans of care,” explained Chip Cosper, regional program director of our Suncoast Hospice care teams in south Pinellas County.

Every person who works for us is essentially connected to care, says Cosper.

“Our work is sacred. We have one chance. No matter what job you do, you’re doing patient care – whether you’re in medical records, management, marketing or another area. What all of us do is important to patients at the bedside. Sometimes, it’s not the big gestures but the smallest things, like what our nurses may say to patients or just being there for them,” he said.

Empath Health Director of Professional and Community Relations Karen Davis-Pritchett (left) and her team receive award for their Traditions Program from Paul Ledford (in gray) of Florida Hospice & Palliative Care Association

Care for All

Karen Davis-Pritchett, Empath Health director of professional and community relations, leads our efforts to ensure that everyone has access to Suncoast Hospice and other Empath Health services. Her team of community partnership specialists is charged with increasing education and access to services with African American, Hispanic and Jewish communities, who historically have used hospice care at lower rates.

Davis-Pritchett shared, “I think we’re a leader with our Traditions program. We’re bringing people together around healthcare access and equity by creating councils, having conversations and looking at data and trends to be sure we’re serving these communities. When we partner with organizations that already have a presence, it allows us to listen, collaborate and build on each other’s strengths to ensure our community’s needs are met, whether at the end of life or through our many other services.”

The stories about our care are rewarding to hear, she says.

“My greatest accomplishment is when I’m out in the community and someone says to me, Suncoast Hospice took great care of my mom or My child took part in your grief camp and it was amazing. Those are the accomplishments that matter. I never tire of hearing that we’ve made a difference in their lives,” she said.

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